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Spanish lessons
with julian emilio

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ACERCA DE tus tutores
ABOUT your tutors

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Mi nombre es Julián Emilio  🙂


I'm from Mexico, native Spanish speaker. I have a BA in Communications and I recently completed my postgraduate education in Toronto. 

I have more than eight years of experience teaching this amazing language to  international students from Germany, Denmark, England, Japan and Canada.

When I'm not working you can find me making arts and crafts, solving puzzles, riding my bicycle in summer time or walking my friends' dogs 🐶

Espero ayudarte en esta aventura de aprender español.

Mi nombre es Maria Jose (Majo) 🥳


I am a Marketer during the day and I teach Spanish at night.


What I like the most about teaching Spanish is to transmit a little bit of my culture and to get to know new people along with their different personalities.

I have taught this language to international students and travellers in Mexico, Canada, and Netherlands.


I am a huge sports fan, especially when it comes to aquatic sports, but I also love American Football, Tennis and Soccer ⚽

I'm also in charge of making sure all the online content for our students is updated and meet the quality standards of Español Por Favor. 

Mi nombre es Tania 😇

I was born in Mexico but I live in Colombia.

I studied psychology and I've been language teacher for 7 years, I enjoy very much working with children and adults.

Some of my favourite hobbies are reading, singing, practicing all types of dances and traveling of course ✈️

One of my favourite things about teaching languages is be able to meet people from different cultures and places around the world.

¡Espero conocerte pronto!

acerca del metodo 

about the method

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Dr. David Kane

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About the method

The method we teach was developed by linguistic experts from Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), where I studied my bachelor degree, and Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). This method has been a tremendous success among other universities in Latin America, West Europe and North America.

If you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced user; we can work according to your needs and the previous knowledge you have. However, if you haven't taken Spanish classes before, that's 100% fine; we can start from scratch; and in about two weeks you will start to see positive changes 🤠

CEFR. Guideline

We track our progress based on the CEFR international language standard. It is totally focused on personalized lessons. The priority is that you can achieve your goals in the right amount of time.  🏆 🙌

That's why we have a general conversation in our first meeting, to understand why you want to learn and then I can adapt the method according to your needs and expectations. We also use this first session as "rompehielos" (icebreaker)  to introduce each other and talk about your reasons to learn Spanish as well.

credenciales (Credentials)

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“For so many years I thought it would be impossible for me to learn Spanish, but once I realized how easy it can be once I learned the most fundamental rules, the rest of it started to make sense

¡Me encanta mi nuevo idioma!”

jessica strawser

Datos curiosos/

fun facts


- Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world today with 514 million native speakers. (1st is  Chinese, 3rd is English

- 31 Countries have Spanish as their official language

- USA will become the largest Spanish speaking country by the year 2050 with 132.8 million speakers.

- Spanish is the 3rd most used language on the internet.

- Spanish is the 2nd most studied language in the world

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